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What We Offer

Not just four walls and a roof but, that special space around and in between.

How often have you seen photographs of your master creations – interiors or exteriors and found them as lifeless representations?  They didn’t speak – of your vision or your soul.

At Aperture India, we go beyond the tangible, structure, and space. We reach deep into the intent. The delicate balance of design, function, aesthetics, and mood makes your creations uniquely you.  It is THAT we strive to showcase. 

The canvas of your creation.

Photographers click on subjects the way they feel about them. Most photographers feel one thing when asked to click photographs of industrial setups. A Big Yaaawwnnn! 

Too bad for them because we see more behind the steel, switches, belts, and wheels. We see world-class engineering. The mega factory.  The grand ambitions. The pride. The safety drills. The happy workforce. The green footprint. The buzz of machines. The energy. The motivation.  The form. The function. The physics. The aesthetics. 

We see and capture all.

A place you walk out of feeling changed for the better.

We have coined the phrase “Brochure Photography”. It’s what most photographers do when clients tell them they want photographs clicked for a brochure. Unfortunately, you won’t find it listed here.

This is because we believe that institutes are not just structures, buildings, rooms, grounds, labs, locker rooms, facilities, and equipment – institutes are much more than the infrastructure they provide.  They have a higher purpose – to teach, heal, address, help, relieve, and transform. It wouldn’t be right to just showcase what you have and not capture what you do!

We at Aperture India, aim to create a tribute to your vision, to the change you are committed to bringing about, and to your value. Not just a 4×3 image of the hi-tech facility in the white border, but the true meaning behind it!

The small and big flag posts in our lives.
Events Photography

Possibly, event photography is the oldest kind of photography. However, events themselves have evolved over the decades. We have transitioned from events to experiences. Grand, intense, varied, and sometimes bordering on the ridiculous! (Have you ever been invited to a ‘chaddi’ party?!)

The ambition in the earlier days was to record events, hence the need for formal almost canned shots and photographs. The ambition now is much much more. It’s about capturing the essence, emotion, and spontaneity as we fervently seek a life rich and packed to the brim with experiences. There is an intrinsic need to capture these experiences, soak in them once in a while and share them with our fellow travelers.

We at Aperture India strive to strike that perfect balance between effort and effortlessness. 

Welcome to our world.

The art of seduction.

How often have you heard people say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Strangely the last people who seem to take this seriously are advertisers. We won’t bore you with statistics, but you know that every second of every waking minute, you are being bombarded with a sea of images. How many haunt you or blow your mind at first glance? Most likely, very few and far between, apart from you know which ones 😉

Our job is to create and capture imagery that will make your clients gasp and gawk, like the reaction when you see a hot girl or boy walk by. Be it on an indoor shoot or an outdoor one. Action or Still. Stylized or Natural. We can’t promise you love, but can promise you a second ‘looksy’, and let me tell you, in this crazy competitive world, a second look is more than half the battle won!

Not just a thing but an experience.

In business schools across the country, a common adage is used in lectures, “Jo dikhta hai, woh bikta hai.”. Well, we would like to add that it is not enough to be just seen but more importantly how you’re seen! 


If you are an apple vendor, it’s not enough to show a photograph of a wicker basket of apples. Does the photograph show the customer, up close and personal, what the apples look like and almost feel as if they were holding one in their own hand? Do the apples look fresh, scrumptious, and juicy? Will someone who sees it crave to bite into them right away? 


Or maybe you just launched a drool-worthy Sunday brunch at your new restaurant, a fresh flower delivery service, an online gift shop, or a fashion boutique, or maybe you want a product shot for your new commercial or print ad.  The reaction we aim to get from potential customers of your products is, “Oh God! This looks awesome…I want it… now!” (Yes, we know that sounds quite corny).

Fashion is not what you wear and how you wear it, but the attitude with which you do both.

You know this better than most – one size does not fit all. We know it is trendy to say, “I can do a portfolio for you”. But the problem arises when the conversation stops there, and you proceed straight to the shoot. It is like you just placed an order for a pizza, but no one asked what you want or if you would like some toppings, perhaps?!

Apologies, but we don’t work like that. We would like to know more. What is your ambition? To be a model? Actor? Films? Stills? Theater? Commercials? Television serials? Walk the ramp?

Only after we understand your needs and concerns can our “Taam Jham” or “Full-Service Team” ensure that your photographs capture not only your personality but the appropriate mood, style, and emotion. Needless to say, we want you to put your best foot forward.