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Hi there, thanks for stopping by. We know you have a hundred things to do right now, so we won’t blabber endlessly but get straight to the point.

We are a bunch of super energetic, passionate, sometimes overzealous, and stubborn Directors, Writers, and Photographers who are just crazy about capturing moments. Be it every day or ‘especial’ ours or everyone else’s (no, we are not the paparazzi; we seek permission and better still, money!).

Established in 2004, Aperture India has emerged as a global company with the bandwidth to seamlessly shoot all across the globe. Catering to a wide range of sectors like IT, Manufacturing, Industrial, Education, Construction, Luxury Weddings, and Bollywood, today its name is synonymous with art and creativity.

If there is something that you would like to be shot, you can have a clear brief or a very unclear one. The usual or the bizarre! Rest assured, we can help even if it is the dead of the night. Give us a shout on our 24×7 Helpline.

Our Expertise
The Founder : Alakh Niranjan

Alakh, like his name, is prime and is divisible by very few things — one and himself. He has traded and become the master of many trades – poetry, secret languages of Morse and music, photography and filmmaking, businesses, meditation, and healing. 

To say that he excels in them is meaningless because he is not the seeker of competence, he is not even wooing excellence! He is simply married to his infatuations, like the rays of sunlight upon a magnifying glass, they seem to converge on the burning vision of truth. For him, poetry was born to be clothed in words and be bare in feeling.

For him, that writer of light, who can, in ordinary focal lengths, find faces that our own mirrors fail to reveal, created the ‘camera obscure of yore and the camera of today. For him is the music and for him the song.

A funky musician, a maverick writer, and a whacky director, these are not three men in a boat but one spiritual artist on the loose, now transforming lives with his healing magic wand.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that a photograph is not a square image on your phone, computer screen, or the frame hanging on the wall. It’s a feeling you want to showcase, share or revisit every now and then and when you do, it should leave you with a smile that comes from pride, satisfaction, gratitude, love, excitement, cheap thrills, jest, relief… we could go on.

What infuses feeling in pictures is every little detail that may not be obvious to the average Joe or in the case of our Bollywood-obsessed country, to the average Raj, Prem, or Pooja, but those little things that matter to you. And sometimes, only to you! 

When you are out there creating and living the moments that shape life, the last thing that you should be worried about is if it will be captured the way you want (Imagine you are about to garland your beloved at your wedding and you are thinking,” 

I hope my teeth don’t look too big in the photographs”) or worse still, with the same honesty of emotion (Imagine you just finished designing a hotel room, you were thinking it reflects “warmth”, “calm” and “comfort”, but in the photograph on the website, it seems like it’s a place meant for depressed poets.)

We ask only one thing of you. Leave your worries to us! Go full throttle, and create, live, and feel unfettered. Our promise to you – when you look at the pictures, they won’t feel like just moments frozen in time. Rather you will find yourself tapping into the same emotions all over again!

We did blabber, didn’t we?! What to do? Like the Quick Gun Murugun said, “We are like this only!”

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